Turner Prize Exhibition, Tate Britain 23 December


First of all there was a whale largely hidden behind panels and prints of a chair forming an unknown message from Lucy Skaer.

Then we had Enrico David with an installation that looked very like what you find in your living room if you share a flat with art students, apart from being very much larger.

And if you look carefully, you can see a picture of a man’s bottom…After that, it was the famous gold fresco by Richard Wright, and we considered whether it was a picture embodying site-specific references to Blake (suns and winged creatures) and Turner (seraphic illumination and goldenness) or merely a nice pattern; and took note of the red…patterns…opposite above the entrance doorway.

So then it was Roger Hiorns and the ‘atomised’ aircraft engine that looked to me like the (grey!) sands of time and the things incorporating brain matter.

Then you could watch a short video by each artist, of which three were jolly helpful in explaining what the artist was up to.  And the board outside where previous visitors had posted their reactions was interesting too.

In the cafe downstairs my companions voted in favour of Richard Wright’s work because it was gold, shiny and pretty (but neither wanted to marry him), while I rejected him for being too accessible and Skaer and David for being too art-studenty, leaving Roger Hiorns as my choice.

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