Henrici Wilhelmi Ludolfi Grammatica Russica

This is the first Grammar of Russian (as opposed to Church Slavonic) printed anywhere in the world–it was published in Oxford in 1696.  What I have is a facsimile reprint from OUP in 1959.  It’s quarto, so the pages are normal book size (fails to find ruler).

Here’s the frontispiece:

and here’s a page from what is probably the most interesting section, a ‘phrase book’ in Russian-Latin-German:

And here’s what I think it says in modern orthography, with obvious misprints corrected:

Глава 4

Между хосяина и слуги

Кормил ты лошадь

кормил, а еще не напоил

для чево ты не поране встал?

твое здоровье знает, когда ты вчерас домои приехал.

Хотья ты рано спат лежиш, однако ж де некогда прежде седмого часа тебя вижу.

в перед ленив не буду.

для чего ты не топил печь.

As Muckle says,  it has the air of truth.  Presumably ‘твое здоровье…ты..’ reflects a time before the Табель о рангах.  There’s a Russian Wikipedia article about Ludolf here, with links to some more interesting material (such as a .pdf Russian translation of the whole book).

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