Studying Indo-European, Historical Linguistics, Sanskrit, Russian Literature (not in Leiden)

Picture of a tram in Deurne

Picture of a tram in Deurne

Apart from the possibilities in Leiden, Birkbeck does a course in Historical Linguistics (called History and Language just to confuse you), which as I recall includes a session on Indo-European.

There are plenty of Sanskrit courses at SOAS, so that should be easy enough.  And the University of Texas has some online lessons in Early Indo-European Languages.

And there is a Russian Summer School in Deurne (near Antwerp, Belgium), apparently organised by the Cultural Section of the Russian Embassy in Belgium.  Of course this year’s edition went by quite recently…

I’ve not been myself–when I was in Leiden a couple of years ago the teacher gave me a leaflet about it in Flemish, which didn’t do me much good.

I might give it a go next time round–Littérature russe (classique et contemporaine) sounds good, though Conférences culturelles et sociopolitiques, reprenant les grands thèmes qui sont d’actualité en Russie suggests a splitting headache, especially if it’s organised by an Embassy…

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