Studying New Testament Greek


To a large extent, the answer here is ‘See Ancient Greek’, or as Stephanie Winder from Edinburgh puts it:  For absolute beginners, we recommend the Beginning Ancient Greek course because at that level the grammar/ morphology is virtually identical.

Notwithstanding this, there tends to be a week of non-beginners’ NT Greek at the Edinburgh Summer School. There is also a weekend at Madingley Hall and an Intermediate-level course at City Lit.

Provision at Birkbeck seems to have entirely disappeared over the past couple of years.

I’ve plagiarised some literature references for NT Greek from Paul Parvis at Edinburgh here.  And I’ve posted my experiences of doing NT Greek in Edinburgh here (see under ‘Edinburgh’, strangely enough) and at Magingley Hall here.

The rest is silence or…’See Ancient Greek’.

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  1. Greek Summer Schools I Have Been To « Notes of an idealist Says:

    […] And I liked it a lot–the rackety atmosphere was probably due mostly to do with uncertainty about whether the thing was going to go ahead this year, but I enjoyed it anyway–if something’s worth doing, people will try to prevent it.  And the idea of getting students to actually do things in terms of for instance very elementary palaeography (get them to try and read ancient MSS and see how difficult it is).  Similarly, I think it has to be right not to present Ancient Greek as a thing on its own but accompanied by and in the context of Koine, Byzantine and Modern Greek.  Otherwise you’re left with something like a story about invaders from outer space.  (Some more on possibilities for studying NT Greek in particular here.) […]

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